Benefits and usage of Zippered bag



A ถุงซิป is available in various designs, shapes and sizes are a common sight in stores. These bags are mostly used for storing food items. However, they are quite a utility tool for manufacturers as well as households. While manufacturers use these bags to pack food items as well as non-food items, households may use them for a variety of purposes. Companies pack a variety of material in these bags. They may pack home care material, beauty care products, electronic products, electrical products etc. However, these packs are not usually available in big sizes. These are mostly available in small size and that is why they are commonly known as pouch.

Benefits of these bags

Benefits of containers or storage space against a host of factors such as ease of handling, storage space, protection of packed item etc. These bags score high in all these scores. This is why manufacturers mostly rely on a ถุงซิป to pack food products in small quantity. However, it needs to take into account that foods meant for refrigeration are not kept in such bags.

Re-sealable closure

These bags offer re-sealable closure. This is a unique kind of closure that allows the user to open the pouch, take out or put in some items and again seal the mouth of the pouch. However, such bags are not foolproof against moisture, air, aroma, odor, oxygen etc. That is why they are known to be safe for packaging food products, but not meant for food that you need to put in the refrigeration for a long time.

Ease of handling

Ease of handling is perhaps the most notable cause of using such ถุงซิป for packaging a host of items. Just unwrap the pack, pour out some content and wrap it again. It is that easy.

Storage space

You can find this bag in a variety of shapes. One of the most common variety is the zippered flat bottom stand up pouch. This is a slender zippered pouch with a flat bottom. Such bags occupy very less space. This is another reason that manufacturers as well as retailers love to use such bags.

Moderate protection against weather elements

Food items tend to degrade when they come in contact with air, moisture, odour etc over a long time. A zippered pouch  can offer moderate protection against these elements over a long time. However, for a comparatively shorter period of time these bags are good for storing a variety of products.


Manufactures use a variety of material to produce a ถุงซิป. They use aluminum foil to laminate the inner surface of the bag. This creates a barrier against oxygen, light and moisture. The foil also makes the bag heat sealable. But the outer surface of the bag is mostly made of plastic. The plastic and aluminum combination makes the bag a good enough pack for keeping food products. The material is also food grade. So there is no question of the food products becoming contaminated.