Is Red Tea Detox Scam?


The Red Tea Detox may sound as a good alternative if you have been unsuccessfully trying to lose weight. The author claims it’s so effective that it makes you shed up to 14 pounds in 15 days. So many pounds lost can seem unattainable. In the end, is this product legit or scam?

That said, why do people think it’s legit? And why do others stay on the other side? Keep reading.

It is legit

Red tea Detox is a promising program created in 2017. Its founder is Liz Swann, a naturopath with many years of experience in weight loss alternative medicine. The program clearly explains that the main obstacle to lose weight is the precisely the high sugary beverages consumption. Soda pops, milkshakes, sugary coffees, and cocktails are doing for people’s health today. It is well-nigh impossible to keep a good waistline with such excessive sugar intake.

Liz Swann also states that consuming green or black will not do either. Supposedly, these teas contain a great deal of caffeine which impacts health negatively. Unlike red tea, green and black tea can make you eventually nauseated. As red tea is caffeine-free, it currently stands out as the best option to drop a size. The tea is extracted from a plant that only occurs in South Africa. One of the benefits is that it also helps you deal with hunger pangs without affecting bedtime.

About the author

This program was created by a fitness specialist whose name is Liz Swann Miller. The coach claims to have 10 years of experience under her belt. She is a dedicated naturopath.

She studied psychology and Naturopathy. When she was in her teens, she struggled with overweight until she managed to find a solution for her problem. She’s currently sharing her experience and success to everybody. Liz has written books and recipes so people can change their lives for the better like she managed to.

What red tea Detox is

The program assures that drinking red tea is the ultimate way to keep trim. It has the necessary properties to keep you hydrated and help you clean your body from toxins. Basically, when you drink red tea, your body reduces the production of fat-storing hormones by increasing the number of fat-burning ones. This drink is gluten-free and good for vegans as it doesn’t contain any dairy compound.

Why skeptics think it’s a scam

Is red tea detox scam? Skeptical people believe that Liz Swann actually is non-existent. One of the most popular anti-scam health websites states that the fictitious program creator has been already exposed. But what do they mean?

According to this website, Africans don’t drink tea, they are not worldly known for that. Another argument they have is that Liz Miller’s picture is a photo you can purchase at for a few bucks.

Contra Health also assure that all testimonial photos are stolen too. You can read more information in detail by clicking on the link above.

Apart from that, the compound called Aspalathin is present in most African plants related to rooibos. The website owner emphasizes that Aspalathin can be bought at any grocery or drugstore with no effort.

Now, two viewpoints are laid on the table. Which one do you think it’s legit? Which one do you think it’s not real? Do your research and maybe you will find out more about this.