Introduction to online blackjack

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Online Blackjack is a form of card game played through online casinos using just your desktop or mobile device. Depending on the online casino, it can be website based or download based. Online blackjack and land-based casino blackjacks share several similarities. You can learn more on

Getting started with online blackjack

Before playing online blackjack for real money, you will need to create an account with a reliable online casino. This casino must be licensed by a recognized gaming authority in the jurisdiction in which the casino operates. Also, the casino must have responsive customer support.

The next step is to make a deposit into your player account and start betting. You can choose from the list of blackjack variants and start playing. Some online casino also allows players to test out any of the online blackjack variants without risking their money

Online Blackjack variants

Online blackjack has several variants with varying rules. A popular one is Double Exposure Blackjack. In this variation, the first two cards of the dealer's hand are dealt face up. When a player hits blackjack (an ace and a 10), he wins more than other variants.

There is also the Blackjack Switch. This variant allows players to have two hands in which the cards can be interchanged. Double Attack Blackjack allows you to increase your bet after seeing the dealer's face-up card. However, blackjack pays even money. unlike other variants

Choosing an online casino

To have an amazing experience playing online blackjack, you need to choose an online casino that offers a comfortable playing environment for players. The casino must have a good review among players on public forums. Example of online casinos that fall into this category is :

  • Betway
  • 888casino
  • Betfair

The online casino must have a transparent system of operation when it comes to financial transactions. Many casinos have the processing fee for deposit and withdrawal boldly stated on their website and this is what you should look out for. This helps you avoid scam practices.


Online Blackjack play

Playing online blackjack is very simple. The game starts with the dealer dealing two faceup cards to the players. The dealer also gets his own cards, which can be face up or face down depending on the variants after which players make a move to hit 21

As a player, you can decide to hit if you want to add more cards to your hand. If you feel your hand is high enough, you should 'stand'. However, if you have two similar cards, you can decide to split and continue with two separate hand

How to win more playing online blackjack

Although, blackjack is a game of chance, however, there are certain strategies you can employ to improve your winning chance. The first is to always hit when you have a hand value of 18 and beyond. This will reduce your potential of going over 22.

When you come across two Aces or 8s, you should split your hand. With this, you can bet on the separate hands and win twice as expected if your next drawcard is high. In a case where you have two 10s, you should double your bet.

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